Arrow of Time (Unfinished Life)



Light Emitting Diode, IC, electric wire, iron (rod).  LED type : Time G-R 250 pieces, up count

Variable Dimension

Installation view at The Met Breuer, New York
Courtesy Lisson Gallery and SCAI THE BATHHOUSE
Photo: Thomas B. Ling

‘Arrow of Time’ which describes the irreversibility of time, is a saying of a British Astronomer, Arthur Stanley Eddington.

My Counter Gadgets (displayed as the LED numbers) does not show 0 when they count from 1 to 9. This represents the time of human life. It symbolizes life when counting and death when it goes dark reaching 0. This cycle goes over and over again. This is what is called ‘Samsara’ (Metempsychosis) in Buddhism, symbolizing eternal life.

Each Counter Gadget has different counting speed. By changing the counting speed, Miyajima portrays the life of people with disparity in race, religion, language, skin colors, and in culture. The work is shown as if all these ‘Time of Life’ showers down from the universe.

Miyajima wishes to express that people with diverse backgrounds living together and encountering in this very moment; the miraculous harmony of life in this world of ‘Irreversible shower of Time’.