Group show: “Starting Points: Japanese Art of the ’80s”

10 Jul 2018

Miyajima is participating in a group show “Starting Points: Japanese Art of the ’80s” at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan. The exhibited work includes one of his performance works, as well as a “Perform... read more

Life (Ku-wall) – no.6 on display at Miraikan, Tokyo

20 Jun 2018

Life (Ku-wall)-no.6 is being exhibited at the permanent exhibition area at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), Tokyo. Venue: 3F Tearoom of Zero/One (part of “Create your future”) Schedule: 20 June 2018- →for mor... read more

Show at William Morris Gallery

15 Jun 2018

Latest painting which Miyajima collaborated with William Morris’s iconic fabric; Counter Painting on William Morris – Blue, will be exhibited through September 23rd. “Counter Painting on William Morris – Blue (2017)” William Morris ... read more

Group show at Buchmann Galarie Lugano

28 May 2018

Miyajima is participating in the group show 14 ARTISTI. VIA CRUCIS – MADONNA D’ONGERO – CARONA through 26 May to 15 September, 2018. Counter Wreath (2018)... read more

Group Show: Catastrophe and the Power of Art

19 Apr 2018

Tatsuo Miyajima will be showing “Sea of Time-TOHOKU” in the show; Catastrophe and the Power of Art at Mori Art Museum, Tokyo. Roppongi Hills and Mori Art Museum 15th Anniversary Exhibition: Catastrophe and the Power of Art 2018.10.6 [Sat]... read more

Relight Days 2018

8 Mar 2018

Miyajima’s public work ‘Counter Void’ (2003), currently being turned off, will be relighted again during Mar. 11-13th, 2018. →Relight Days 2018 →Relight Project... read more

‘Time Waterfall’ becomes permanent collection at Panasonic Museum

8 Mar 2018

‘Time Waterfall – panel #2′ (2018) became a permanent collection of the new opening Panasonic Museum in Osaka, Japan. The artwork is a monument commemorating 100 years since the funding of the company. →Panasonic Museum ©Panasonic M... read more

TV Interview on NHK World

5 Mar 2018

Tatsuo Miyajima Interview on NHK World “Life and Death Expressed Digitally” -On-air: March 12th 20:45-(Tokyo), 6:45-(NY), 11:45(London), 19:45(Hong Kong) -Can also be seen on the website anytime for two weeks from Mar.13th Direct Talk ... read more

Group show:’Everything at Once’

5 Oct 2017

Tatsuo will be showing one of his latest works, Time Waterfall-panel #3(blue) at ‘Everything at Once‘ at the Store Studios, 180 The Strand, London. 5th October-10th December Store X The Vinyl Factory presents: ‘Everything at Once... read more

‘Sea of Time-TOHOKU’ at Reborn-Art Festival (Japan)

10 Jul 2017

Miyajima is showing his latest work ‘Sea of Time-TOHOKU’ at Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan. This year, he had 300 participants (victims of The Great East Japan Earthquake) to time set the Blues LEDs, and to exhibit them in a place facing the s... read more

Crowdfunding launched for “Sea of Time-Tohoku”

10 Feb 2017

We have launched a Crowdfunding for Miyajima’s new project; “Sea of Time in Tohoku.” This is a project that will continue for 10 years. This year, we are seeking to make 1/10 of the whole work. “Sea of Time” was Miyajima... read more

Upcoming Exhibitions

9 Feb 2017

Latest Solo Show/Event Information of this Spring. LIFE (complex system) SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, 3 March – 22 April, 2017 Access: Kashiwayu-Ato, 6-1-23 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-3821-1144 Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday 12:00 – ... read more

‘Counter Sky Garden’ opens at Fosun Art Center, Shanghai

11 Nov 2016

Miyajima’s latest public work, using multi-colored LEDs for the first time, has opened on the rooftop of Fosun Foundation, Shanghai. 300 people were chosen randomly to ‘Time set’ the LEDs.... read more

Upcoming Events: ‘SPECTRA’

14 Sep 2016

SPECTRA, a dance performance led by an Australian choreographer Kyle Page (Dancenorth) is coming to Japan this Fall. Miyajima designed ‘Forest of Time’, a set design created especially for the show. The piece is a collaboration of Japanes... read more

Solo Show at MCA Australia

7 Sep 2016

Tatsuo Miyajima―Connect with Everything Nov.3,2016-Mar.5,2017 Miyajima’s first major solo show in the Southern Hemisphere will open on Nov.3,2016. His early to present works, from ‘Mega Death’ to ‘Arrow of Time(Unfinished Life... read more