Counter Window v3-6-01

Liquid Crystal Glass, IC, Time Controller, Electric wire, Aluminum frame

Counter Window v3-6-01:

198.3 x 134 x 10 cm


Courtesy Lisson Gallery
Photo: Dave Morgan


This work is Time change as numbers and visiter see the landscape cut out through the number.
Time moving forward in real time. And the landscape outside that changes realistically. From the inside of the special space of the museum, visiter see the outside landscape of everyday life. The inside and outside become blurred by the visitor's time and the device of the work. The visitor sees the changing numbers on the liquid crystal of the work and at the same time sees the outside landscape. The viewer's perspective shifts and oscillates. Art and reality, landscape and time, inside and outside.
This is a work that considers what art is, what time is, and what landscape is.