Deathclock for Participation in CAMK

Computer, software, monitor display

Collaboration with participants.

Size of the work depends on the computer screen size


Courtesy Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto

This is a clock that counts down the time to death in seconds that you decide to die. Participants enter their date of birth and the date and time of their death on the computer and take a picture of their current self. When they do so, the 'Deathclock' begins.

Human beings are not supposed to be born, eat, sleep and die alone. There is always a meaning to being born. There must be something that only he or she can do. Design your own "life". To do so, creativity is necessary.

‘Deathclock’ shines light on one's "life" by setting a limit to one's own time to live, and conversely, shines a light on one's "life" and confronts one's own life. A person who is conscious of his or her limited "life" will realize the preciousness of life. And those who realize the preciousness of their own life will eventually think about the preciousness of others' lives.

To think about the preciousness of others' life is the true power of imagination. This work is a life design tool to make your own "life" shine. It is an art to arouse your own creativity.