Floating Time V1-00

Computer graphics, PC, projector

580 x 600 x 450 cm

Site specific installation at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery.

Courtesy Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery
Photo: Norihiro Ueno


The digital counters randomly float and move across the floor screen created by a computer and a projector. 'Time' and 'Space' are interacted with each other imminently. Such a relationship is brought about by human beings. Miyajima's 'Floating time' shows each digital device counting down at different speed and way, and floating in space. Visitors can walk around in the gallery room where 'time is floating.' Through this action, 'Time' and 'Space', which both the audience (human) and the work embrace in their own ways, are synchronized with each other. At this moment, finally 'Time' and 'Space' are mutated into an 'Active Space-Time'.