Light Emitting Diode, IC, Electric wire, Specular stainless steel, Mirror glass, Plexiglass.
549.0 x 208.0 Ø cm

Installation at Art Tower Mito

Courtesy SCAI THE BATHHOUSE and Lisson Gallery
Photo: Daici Ano

"Hoto" means a treasure tower/pagoda, appeared in a scene in Buddhist scripture the "Lotus Sutra." According to the sutra, a huge tower emerges from the ground and rises into the air, and is decorated with seven kinds of beautiful jewels. It is about half the size of Earth! It is all glittering and shining!  What does such an amazing tower mean? Actually, Buddhism says that it is a symbol of a person's life.  Life cannot be described without such an unusual, impossible story because 'life' is certainly nothing but a miracle.

This art work "Hoto" is based on this story.

Compared with Miyajima's other works, it is exceptional in terms of size, with excessive decoration and unusual design to express a miraculous story of 'Life.' Furthermore, the work is dedicated to you as a symbol of the "Art in You" concept. It is you who feel miracles in you and miracles of the others.