Innumerable Life / Buddha

  • Innumerable Life / Buddha CCIƆƆ-01, 251.8x251.8x15cm

Light Emitting Diode,  IC,  electric wire,  steel, stainless, transformer
Courtesy Lisson Gallery
Photo: Nobutada Omote

This series is inspired by a legend told in the Lotus Sutra, one of the most important texts in Mahayana Buddhism, recalling the teachings of Gautama Siddhartha, the spiritual teacher who founded Buddhism. Siddhartha was preaching to a number of his disciples and, when asked who would be the chosen ones to propagate these philosophies after his death, he indicated towards thousands of Buddhas arising from a cleft in the earth. Miyajima prophesised that these people – the ‘Bodhisattvas of the Earth’ – were the enlightened ones, the ‘Buddhas’ who would continue his teachings in the future. By not selecting an elite follower, or one of his Ten Great Disciples, he rendered Buddhism a divine power for all – regardless of name, power or status.