Life (Ku-wall)

  • Life (Ku-wall) - no.1, 120x240x20cm

Light Emitting Diode,  IC, Microcomputer by Ikegami program, Electric wire, Passive sensor, Smoke glass, Stainless steel.



Courtesy Lisson Gallery
Photo: Jack Hems

This system is called ‘Life i-model’, it has a microchip developed by Dr. Takashi Ikegami (biotechnology) built in. Each LED decides its own counting speed every time when they reach 0, considering their surroundings. So, the counting speed of the LEDs changes every time. This represents ‘life’ transforming itself relating with others, and evoke the sense of life undergoing metamorphosis when a life is born again after its death.

In this work, LED lights appear and disappear from time to time on a black, inorganic wall. The wall shows the “Ku". "Ku" is the place where "life" and "death" are born. Each of these lives and deaths are intertwined in the place called “Ku" and continue to express the way they are born and die.