Life (rhizome)

No. 17 Installation at Lisson Gallery. Photo: Ken Adlard

Details of work at SCAI THE BATHHOUSE. Photo: Nobutada Omote

Light Emitting Diode, IC, microcomputer by Ikegami program, electric wire, passive sensor, stainless iron frame.

No.17: 68.5 x 98.5 x 4 cm

Courtesy Lisson Gallery and SCAI THE BATHHOUSE

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This system goes on repeatedly. The counting speeds are fixed from a slow one to a fast one randomly. However, the system of counting LED itself is deepen/developed and represents ‘life’ itself. Moreover, it is an individual system that behaves like it transforms itself by interacting with their neighbors. This system is called ‘Life i-model’, it has a microchip developed by Dr. Takashi Ikegami (biotechnology) built in. Each LED decides its own counting speed every time when they reach 0, considering their surroundings. So, the counting speed of the LEDs changes every time. This represents ‘life’ transforming itself relating with others, and evoke the sense of life undergoing metamorphosis when a life is born again after its death. In this work, you can see the ‘i-model’ assembled in a grid representing each life, and by gathering each lives, you can see a huge life-form operating in reality.