Time Waterfall-panel#MAM

Installation view at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, China

L.E.D.panel (10mm pitch, 16 x 32 cm), IC, electric wire, steel frame, PC(Windows), LAN cable, Video controller.

256 x 128 x 1200 cm

Courtesy Lisson Gallery, SCAI the Bathhouse, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum
Photo: MA Siliang

On the 4 dimensions of LED display tower (12m height), numbers cascade randomly down. These numbers fall continuously; count continuously counting down from nine to one. ‘Zero’ is never shown. These numbers symbolize the lives of people and while counting, demonstrate ‘life’, or ‘to live’. The void of ‘zero’ stands for death. This cycle of life and death continues. This is a Buddhist concept. It demonstrates the eternity of life. These numbers fall, small and large, over and over, from above. They continue to fall. They continue to change. This continual change is the point. The eternity of life, and the contemplation of life and of death this single transitory ‘life’ that does not return… Time Waterfall exists to allow us to think about the fact that we are living now.