‘WHITHER THE ARTS?’ : Tatsuo Miyajima, Catalogue of the Japan Pavilion at the ’48th Venice Biennale’, 1999, (Essay by Junichi Shioda)

6 Jun 1999

Whither the Arts? Junichi SHIODA (Commissioner, the Japan Pavilion at the 48th Venice Biennale) What is the state of the arts today as the twentieth century draws to a close? Where and in what direction will they move with the drawing of the new mill... read more

‘Zero Does Not Count’, “transcript, vol. 3, Issue 1”, 1997, ( Interview by Janice Hart and Alan Woods)

24 Jun 1997

Tatsuo Miyajima : My performance work has its origins in 1980, when I was a student at art school. I was interested in performance art for five years and then stopped for ten years, during which time I turned to the idea that objects might be perpe... read more

‘Keep Changing, Connect with Everything, Continue Forever’ , “Frieze, vol. 3”, 1992, (Interview by James Lingwood)

1 Oct 1992

M : When we look at European and Asian people, they immediately appear to be different, but the more we understand they are the same. And then, as we get to know them further, we identify them as separate individuals. That is why I use similar mate... read more

Tatsuo Miyajima’s chronovision, ‘133651’, Catalogue of Museum Het Kruithuis, ’s-Hertogenbosch, and daadgalerie, Berlin, (Essay by Lynne Cooke), 1991

15 Jun 1991

Tatsuo Miyajima’s chronovision, ‘133651’ Lynne Cooke   “Absolute, true and mathematical time…flows equably, without relation to anything external.” Issa Newton “The desire to produce temporal ordering in our lives, relate history to ... read more
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