Mori Art Museum 20th Anniversary Exhibition WORLD CLASSROOM: Contemporary Art through School Subjects

19 4月 2023

19 Apr – 24 Sept, 2023
Mori Art Museum

The “WORLD CLASSROOM: Contemporary Art through School Subjects” exhibition, celebrating the Mori Art Museum’s 20th anniversary, introduces us to a new world from various perspectives using school subjects as a doorway into contemporary art.

The exhibition is divided into various subjects, including Language and Literature, Social Studies, Philosophy, Mathematics, Science, Music, Physical Education, and Transdisciplinary. Miyajima’s “Innumerable Life/Buddha CCIƆƆ-01,” collection from the Mori Museum, can be found in the Philosophy section.

Innumerable LifeBuddha CCIƆƆ-01, 2018

Light Emitting Diode, IC, electric wire, steel, stainless, transformer, LED type “Time Hundred” (Red) 100 plates
251.7 x 251.7 x 15 cm
Collection: Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
Photo: Omote Nobutada
Photo courtesy: Lisson Gallery