C.T.C.S. Flower Dance

  • C.T.C.S.Flower Dance no.6, 108x166x10cm

Light Emitting Diode, IC, electric wire, mirror, steel panel

This work is a part of 'Changing Time with Changing Self' Series
Courtesy Buchmann Galerie

C.T.C.S. is an abbreviation for "Changing Time with Changing Self", a series of works in which LEDs are embedded in mirrors.
In this work, the mirror is divided into several panels, each with its own angle. As a result, the landscape reflected in the mirror changes according to the angle. Also, the view changes according to the perspective of the viewer. It is a symbol of the division between the world and oneself. However, Miyajima's LED numbers, which represent life, fly freely across them, connecting the world divided against itself and the world, making it one.