Count Down Drawing against the Wall

photo by Norihiro Ueno


Replay in 2017, photo during performance

In this Performance, Miyajima made drilled number as Count Down to the plaster board (280 x 1180 cm). It was the first site-specific performance in 2000 at Opera City Gallery (Tokyo). He redid this performance with the same concept in 2017.


Courtesy: Akio Nagasawa Publishes

Special thanks:

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (Tokyo)

Masamitsu Iwahata, EPO Capital INC


He was skeptical about leaving this performance as a video work because it is so important to keep the process, thoughts and reality of the performance. However, it cannot be seen from the video. Therefore, in 2018 —2020, he decided to make a drawing work part of the performance with video attached. The whole process becomes a real artwork. Details of the work are below.

Title: Count Down Drawing against the Wall

Material: Performance video DVD and Blu-ray Disc (17min 39sec), pencil, pigment ink, acrylic paint, on wooden panel with frame.

size: 56 x 82.5 x 5 cm

ED: 3