Counter Voice in MILK


Camera Takahisa Araki

Performance video DVD and Blu-ray Disc (19min 11sec), pencil, Pigment ink, Acrylic paint, on wooden panel, with framed.

56 x 82.5 x 5 cm
Ed: 3
Courtesy Akio Nagasawa Gallery

Special Thanks Hara Museum (Tokyo)

This work was firstly performed by the participants of Tokyo citizens for the solo exhibition (2000) at Opera City Gallery. Participants counted down 9 to 1. When he/she reached "0," he/she inhales, holding his/her breath, and put his/her face in MILK. He/she repeated it many times.

In 2019, Miyajima himself re-performed in the garden of Hara Museum (Tokyo) of the same concept.

He was skeptical about leaving this performance as a video work because it is so important to keep the process, thoughts and reality of the performance. However, it cannot be seen from the video. Therefore, in 2020, he decided to make a drawing work part of the performance with video attached. The whole process becomes a real artwork.