Life (le corps sans organes)

  • Life ( le corps sans organes)-no.18, 288.1x434.3x79.5 cm

Light emitting diode, IC, microcomputer by Ikegami program, steel, plastic cover, passive sensor, electric wire.

Courtesy Lisson Gallery
Photo: Ken Adlard

This system is called ‘Life i-model’. It has a built-in microchip developed by Dr. Takashi Ikegami from University of Tokyo (biotechnology). Each LED decides its own counting speed every time when it reaches 0, considering the surroundings. Thus, the counting speed of the LEDs changes every time. This represents ‘life’ transforming itself relating to others and evokes the sense of metamorphosis when a life is reborn after death.

In this work, one LED inside a plastic dome is organically connected to other LEDs by wires, similar to the image of "le corps sans organes" described by the French philosophers Félix Guattari & Gilles Deleuze.