Nachi Falls

Monitor, TV, Flat light, Cassette tape, Cassette machine, Photo, Electric wire, Line tape, Water, etc.

280 x 20 x 25 cm

Site specific installation at Lunami Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

Photo: Tadashi Hirose

This work embodies one of Miyajima's three concepts, "Connect with Everything". In the top part of the work, the waterfall in "Nachi Falls" (Kamakura-era painting)  and TV monitor show image of falling tap water, and the flowing cassette tapes show Japanese idols song, and in the end, the waterfall in Motonobu Kano's "Flowers and Birds" (Edo-era painting) all connected by straight line (zip). The image of "Nachi Falls", which has been created by the artist, is flowing. Miyajima connected these various materials from various eras with the keyword "straight line (zip)" and drew a modern version of "Nachi Falls".