Over the Border

Study for Over the Border, 1991, Acrylic, pencil, on paper. 39.4 x 53.3 com

installation view left side of the room

installation view, right side of the room

Light emitting Diode, IC, electric wire, aluminum panel.

Room installation, 365.8 x 1079 x 2024 cm
Courtesy Carnegie International and Mattress Factory, Pittsburg

Even now, in 1991, humanity is still unable to take the way toward peace through peace but chooses to the way toward peace through military force. In the recent war in the Middle East, based on a United Nations resolution, Iraq is perceived as “bad” and America, “righteous.” I think that there is neither evil nor righteousness in war.

My work for the Carnegie International is related to the Hiroshima piece in that it once again refers to history by using a long, straight line. However, that line is cut into two areas by a wall. In addition, these two areas are distinguished by the complementary colors, green and red, of the numbers. The viewer will alternately see these two areas when passing through the space. If the wall were removed and the colors ignored - it needs imagination - harmony would come from the moving line with the same numbers.