Painting of Change – 003

Oil on Canvas, dice

180(H) x 128.4(W) x 3(D) cm

Photo by Nobutada Omote

This is a painting that changes according to its owner.

The painting is constructed with seven shaped canvas to represent the numbers. The owner should periodically roll the attached dice and change the painting to the number that appears on the dice. The rest of the segmented canvases are placed regularly on the planks on the floor.

Paintings were originally separated from the real world of man by "absolute time and space" and were independent of it. However, as modern physics has made clear, absolute time and space are illusions, and time is perceived by human beings and by events.

In this work, the painting, an absolute entity, is transformed by the uncertain contingency of a dice, opening up time and space. Miyajima tries to connect it to real human time and space through its events and actions. In this way, "painting" becomes a kind of performing art that lives in the present, far from the fixed image of the figurative or abstract.

This work is dedicated to John Cage, the composer who created the “Music of Change.”