Spirits in the Water with Cuban Artists

Plastic coated waterproof Light Emitting Diode, IC, electric wire, waterproof sheet, water, Water pomp.

430.0 x 430.0 x 12.0 cm

Site specific installation at the Palazzo Fortuny


The work, Spirits in the Water with Cuban Artists is from the series called 'Time in Water'.

The speed of each LED has been set by the artists living in Cuba, the country on the island floating in the sea like Venice.

In 2008, hurricane Gustav hit Cuba and caused serious damage to the country. Around 210,000 houses were destroyed. In order to help and encourage hurricane victims who had lost everything, artists stood up and took action; a group of 60 musical and visual artists headed by Kcho.

They went to the 'Isle of Youth,' one of the most seriously damaged areas, and helped people repair their houses and clean up the rubbles during the day. Then at the night, they held concerts or organized painting workshops for the victims, including children to encourage them. Other artists followed and joined when these activities came to their knowledge. As a result, about 300 artists undertook similar activities throughout Cuba. Six months later, it was still developing.

When Miyajima learned about their activities, he decided to contribute his work for the Venice Biennale to those true artists. Because, he believes that the greatest artists are not the artists participating in international exhibitions, but humble 'human beings', who encourage and give hope to people and for society.

They encapsulated their pulse of life in time as they set the speed of the digital counter, and Miyajima sealed them in eternal 'water' and 'time', in order to preserve their brave soul perpetually in the LEDs.

List of Participate Artists

Aanislaidis Gongora / Adalberto Sanchez / Adiana Rodriguez / Adrian Gongora / Alexei Fuentes / Alfredo Duquesne / Anailis Rodriguez / Anais Pdiaz / Angel Barea / Anilis Ceballos / Aramoix Tomas / Arlay Batista / Autonio Sarrano / Camilo Oquendo / Carlos Josa Paraz / Dailiana Moya / Danaisa Amador / Daniel Bermudez / Dannier Perez / Dariel Hernandez / David Morales / David Riveron / Esteban Sanchez / Faidelid Gonzalez / Fana Josefa Leon / Felix Sierra / Ficbael Tallon / Filama Anas / Fleix Leonaldo Alvarez / Gepes Sato / Gueluris Ramiraz / Harrdn Brito Pana / Hector Bolmey / Hector Castro / Isidro Gonzalez / Ivan Sosa / Janibis Betancourt / Jorge Luis Tamayo / Jorgs Leuo Vardecia / Judislaydis Dominguez Trujiko / Julia Tartuliano / Julio Moya / Kcho / Kendry Dominguez / Kirenia Villafruela / Lazara Machado / Lesly Flores / Leyanis Fuantas / Luis Fanvel Dominguez / Mileidis Del Valle / Miriam Pena / Olga Lidia Saborit / Orlay Abat / Rafael Ferras / Raidelin Arcos / Robart Pana / Rodalgo Sarrano / Rodisnay Figuarado / Roger Escalona / Rolando Vieites / Rosa Machado / Rosabell Zaldibar / Rudisbel Hidalgo / Sandra Rodriguez / Sandy Alvarez / Santiago Alvarez / Santiago Reynaldo Alvarez / Sarahi Ocampo / Tania Ramirez / Teresa Robles / Vladimir Pena / Yadier Rodriguez / Yalena Acosta / Yamnaris Fernandez / Yaneisy Perez / Yaneisy Perez / Yanisbal Escalona / Yansel Abreu / Yasniel Alderete / Yeilez Sarrano / Yinay Pupo / Yoslan Manes / Yurismer Rivera / Zandy Andrawes.