Relight Days 2018

8 Mar 2018

Miyajima’s public work ‘Counter Void’ (2003), currently being turned off, will be relighted again during Mar. 11-13th, 2018. →Relight Days 2018 →Relight Project... read more

‘Time Waterfall’ becomes permanent collection at Panasonic Museum

8 Mar 2018

‘Time Waterfall – panel #2′ (2018) became a permanent collection of the new opening Panasonic Museum in Osaka, Japan. The artwork is a monument commemorating 100 years since the funding of the company. →Panasonic Museum ©Panasonic M... read more

TV Interview on NHK World

5 Mar 2018

Tatsuo Miyajima Interview on NHK World “Life and Death Expressed Digitally” -On-air: March 12th 20:45-(Tokyo), 6:45-(NY), 11:45(London), 19:45(Hong Kong) -Can also be seen on the website anytime for two weeks from Mar.13th Direct Talk ... read more

Group show:’Everything at Once’

5 Oct 2017

Tatsuo will be showing one of his latest works, Time Waterfall-panel #3(blue) at ‘Everything at Once‘ at the Store Studios, 180 The Strand, London. 5th October-10th December Store X The Vinyl Factory presents: ‘Everything at Once... read more

‘Sea of Time-TOHOKU’ at Reborn-Art Festival (Japan)

10 Jul 2017

Miyajima is showing his latest work ‘Sea of Time-TOHOKU’ at Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan. This year, he had 300 participants (victims of The Great East Japan Earthquake) to time set the Blues LEDs, and to exhibit them in a place facing the s... read more

Crowdfunding launched for “Sea of Time-Tohoku”

10 Feb 2017

We have launched a Crowdfunding for Miyajima’s new project; “Sea of Time in Tohoku.” This is a project that will continue for 10 years. This year, we are seeking to make 1/10 of the whole work. “Sea of Time” was Miyajima... read more

Upcoming Exhibitions

9 Feb 2017

Latest Solo Show/Event Information of this Spring. LIFE (complex system) SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, 3 March – 22 April, 2017 Access: Kashiwayu-Ato, 6-1-23 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-3821-1144 Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday 12:00 – ... read more

‘Counter Sky Garden’ opens at Fosun Art Center, Shanghai

11 Nov 2016

Miyajima’s latest public work, using multi-colored LEDs for the first time, has opened on the rooftop of Fosun Foundation, Shanghai. 300 people were chosen randomly to ‘Time set’ the LEDs.... read more

Upcoming Events: ‘SPECTRA’

14 Sep 2016

SPECTRA, a dance performance led by an Australian choreographer Kyle Page (Dancenorth) is coming to Japan this Fall. Miyajima designed ‘Forest of Time’, a set design created especially for the show. The piece is a collaboration of Japanes... read more

Solo Show at MCA Australia

7 Sep 2016

Tatsuo Miyajima―Connect with Everything Nov.3,2016-Mar.5,2017 Miyajima’s first major solo show in the Southern Hemisphere will open on Nov.3,2016. His early to present works, from ‘Mega Death’ to ‘Arrow of Time(Unfinished Life... read more

Solo Show at Kirishima Open-Air Museum

20 Jun 2016

  Miyajima’s solo show at Kirishima Open-Air Museum (Kagoshima, Japan) to be open at October 7th. Photo works of painted numbers on bodies; ‘Counter Painting’ series will be exhibited mainly. Kirishima Open-Air Museum visit web... read more

‘Region(1991)’exhibited for the first time in 20 years

27 Apr 2016

‘Region(1991)’exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art, Shiga (Japan) for the first time in 20 years. Exhibition information: Time and Vision; Our Collection toward Future April 23rd-June 26th, 2016    ... read more

‘Arrow of Time(Unfinished Life)’ at The Met Breuer NY

26 Apr 2016

April 19–September 4, 2016 Miyajima’s latest work ‘Arrow of Time (Unfinished Life)’ is installed at Tony and Amie James Gallery, The Met Breuer. For more details... read more

‘Time Waterfall’ to be unveiled at ICC Hong Kong

14 Jan 2016

Miyajima’s new installation ‘Time waterfall’ will be presented at Art Basel Hong Kong, from 21 to 26 March 2016. This light installation will be projected on International Commerce Centre (ICC) building in Hong Kong’s harbour. Art B... read more

Solo Show at MCA Australia

7 Jan 2016

Tatsuo Miyajima’s solo show opens at The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia in fall 2016.   Photo Credit: Anna Kucera... read more