Group Show: “Buddha’s Life, Path to the Present”

10 9月 2018

Miyajima will participate in a group show “Buddha’s Life, path to the Present” opening this […]... read more

Solo show at Buchmann Box -Buchmann Galeire

28 8月 2018

Solo show dedicated to Miyajima’s drawings will be held at Buchmann Box, Berlin. Drawings from the 90 […]... read more

Group show at SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, Tokyo

27 8月 2018

“Moon in the Ground No.2” (2015) will be included in the upcoming group show at SCAI THE BATHHOUSE […]... read more

Group show: “Starting Points: Japanese Art of the ’80s”

10 7月 2018

Miyajima is participating in a group show “Starting Points: Japanese Art of the ’80s” at 21s […]... read more

Life (Ku-wall) – no.6 on display at Miraikan, Tokyo

20 6月 2018

Life (Ku-wall)-no.6 is being exhibited at the permanent exhibition area at National Museum of Emerging Science […]... read more

Show at William Morris Gallery

15 6月 2018

Latest painting which Miyajima collaborated with William Morris’s iconic fabric; Counter Painting on Wil […]... read more

Group show at Buchmann Galarie Lugano

28 5月 2018

Miyajima is participating in the group show 14 ARTISTI. VIA CRUCIS – MADONNA D’ONGERO – CARO […]... read more

Group Show: Catastrophe and the Power of Art

19 4月 2018

Tatsuo Miyajima will be showing “Sea of Time-TOHOKU” in the show; Catastrophe and the Power of Art […]... read more

Relight Days 2018

8 3月 2018

Miyajima’s public work ‘Counter Void’ (2003), currently being turned off, will be relighted […]... read more

‘Time Waterfall’ becomes permanent collection at Panasonic Museum

8 3月 2018

‘Time Waterfall – panel #2’ (2018) became a permanent collection of the new opening Panasoni […]... read more

TV Interview on NHK World

5 3月 2018

Tatsuo Miyajima Interview on NHK World “Life and Death Expressed Digitally” -On-air: March 12th 20 […]... read more

Group show:’Everything at Once’

5 10月 2017

Tatsuo will be showing one of his latest works, Time Waterfall-panel #3(blue) at ‘Everything at OnceR […]... read more

‘Sea of Time-TOHOKU’ at Reborn-Art Festival (Japan)

10 7月 2017

Miyajima is showing his latest work ‘Sea of Time-TOHOKU’ at Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan. This year, […]... read more

Crowdfunding launched for “Sea of Time-Tohoku”

10 2月 2017

We have launched a Crowdfunding for Miyajima’s new project; “Sea of Time in Tohoku.” This is […]... read more

Upcoming Exhibitions

9 2月 2017

Latest Solo Show/Event Information of this Spring. LIFE (complex system) SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, 3 March – 2 […]... read more