Region No.126701-No.127000
Collection of  Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Collection of The Shiga Modern Art Museum, Shiga
Photo: Shiguru Jufuku

Light Emitting Diode, IC, electric wire, aluminum panel, 300 units.

Region No.126701-No.127000:
190.0 x 1200.0 cm x 300 units

Region: 11.0 x 26.0 x 3.5 cm x 15 units x 12( 453 x 722 cm room installation )


This work from 133651 series.

A"Region" is a completely self-sufflclent realm. However, it is also a constitutive element of a "Region on the next level." And even this "Region of the next level" is only a part of "133651"                July 1991  Tatsuo Miyajima